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Today is the day! It's the day you decide to take the first step on your editing journey by chatting with me for just half an hour to see if I can help.

3 ways to work with me

Editing Services

If you’re looking for help from start to finish, from outline development and structural feedback through proofreading and help with social media post ideas, let’s chat about your needs to craft your custom solution.  Choose from full suite or á la carte. 

PA Services

Sometimes you just need to concentrate on you next (or first) book without all those pesky admin tasks. I offer a range of author PA services. Learn more about how I can help you! 



Book Review

Your book is already published?  Hooray!  

I review books for free and am happy to read yours.  If your book is on KU, I can read there; otherwise, I do ask a copy be sent to me since otherwise I’m spending money for my service. 



Editing Services

Let's talk options!

Choose your adventure

I offer four categories of editing services.  You can choose one or more to fit your needs and budget.  During your free consultation, I will explain the options, but you can read a bit about each below. 


Manuscript Evaluation

This is a high level overview of structure, story, mechanics, and genre.  Typically this happens when you have taken your story as far as you can and are looking for final feedback before publication.  Editorial letter will be a few pages. 

Developmental Editing

We look at the big picture – searching for plot holes, character arcs, pacing, action sequences, dialog.  This is a much more intensive process with your work being read several times and extensive notes provided. 

Line Editing

The purpose of this process is to identify run-on sentences, clichés, ensure tone is consistent, and fine tune word choice and syntax.  Grammatical errors can be caught at this point, but focus is still a broad view. 

Copy Editing

This is when we get into the mechanical errors.  Grammar, punctuation, sentence structure is the name of the game!  If you hated English class in school, you probably hate this part just as much. 

PA Services

Thank you for browsing my author’s personal assistant services. I’ve been a passionate reader my whole life, although I now work with numbers more than words as an accounting manager. I’m so grateful to be able to channel that passion into managing important components of your publishing journey so that you can worry less about back-end tasks, and focus more on creating my next book boyfriend. I’ve listed my available services below. As I learn more skills, my services will grow as well. Payment for services are invoiced by me in PayPal and will be sent the first day of the month. Payment is due on the same day.

Please reach out if you have any questions about what I can offer.

Full-time Author Services

*Please send me an email or use the contact form for pricing on my full-time services package.  

Team Building & Group Management (management for up to 3 groups – ARC Team, Street Team, Influencers/Content Creators):
  • Creating and maintaining spreadsheets for member tracking and application forms
  • Creating and maintaining Facebook groups for specific readers
  • Sending promotional content (cover reveal, 2 teasers, release day) to applicable team members via email and Facebook groups
  • Engagement posts in reader groups
  • Creating team application forms and opening up teams for new submissions
  • Vetting applicants from form submissions
  • Soliciting new and potential readers from different social media platforms
  • Will use your preferred newsletter service
  • Soliciting and organizing newsletter swaps
  • Maintaining tracking spreadsheets
  • Writing newsletter content
Social Media and Email Management:
  • Manage social media on release days (respond to DMs, interact with reader’s posts about the release, share tagged content to stories)
  • Organization of messages and emails into corresponding folders/labels
  • Notify you of anything needing attention
  • Sending out ARCs
  • Collecting required promotional content and review links from members of all teams
Alpha/Beta and Proofreading:
  • I read a variety of genres, with a special affinity for fantasy, romance, thrillers, and mystery.  I have also worked with authors of memoirs.  
  • I will make suggestions on reworking or rephrasing, as well as feedback on general structure 

Book Reviews

If you have a book you would like me to review, there are three ways to reach me – feel free to use all three if you want!  You can email me at, use the contact form to reach out, or DM me on Instagram @booksbestiesbooze – but if you specifically want me to review, say “hey Lora” – if you don’t, your book will be reviewed by either my Bookstagram partner & best friend or me. 

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