Readers Take Denver specials

For attendees of Readers Take Denver, I am offering special rates. If you’re in need of editing services, you’ve come to the right place! I price my editing services by word count of your manuscript, and typically charge more depending on genre. Some books are more complex, especially those in the fantasy and mystery genres, and take more time to analyze and create style sheets.

Social media/PA services are completely separate, and are listed below as well. Spaces for social media clients are limited.

Editing Services

Depending on who you ask, there are many different types of editing, and they can be called different things.  I will share the services I offer, what I call them, and average rates per word.  We’ll start at the beginning with the “big picture” edits and go from there. At the end, I’ll share average rates and what that would look like for a manuscript of 80,000 words as an example.

Editorial Assessment

An overall evaluation of the big picture (character, plot, structure, style).  You’ll receive an edit letter with detailed feedback and suggestions for revision.  You will not receive an edited manuscript back – this is akin to getting an in-depth analysis of your book. 

Developmental Edit
This is the most comprehensive full edit I offer.  With this, I look at the big picture (structure, form, plot, characters, pacing).  You receive an edited version of your manuscript with annotations, questions, scene suggestions, etc. 
Copy Edit

This is what most people think of when they think “editor”.  A copy edit looks at grammar, word choice, punctuation, consistency, fact checking, typos.  I help you create the most readable version of your book and ensure the language matches your intent.


The final stage!  Proofreading looks at spelling, grammar, punctuation, and typographical or layout issues ONLY.  I will not proof for word choice, readability, or structural issues. I assume you are 100% happy with your book as written but want someone to catch typos. 



I also offer story coaching on a limited basis – depending on the amount of time I have in my schedule and the manuscript in question. For RTD attendees, a discounted rate of $65/hour is available until July 31st (contract signed by this date).

Copy Editing + Proofreading – I offer these services together at a discounted rate because I feel they’re both very important to a polished final product. This discount is only available if we agree to both services at the time of booking.

These rates are specifically for RTD and my normal rates vary based on genre, length, series, and several other factors. Rates are constantly evaluated and to quote Cher Horowitz, “just a jumping off point to start negotiations” but these are guaranteed for RTD attendees through the end of July 2024. 

purple price list

Social Media Services

Social Media Management: $200/month

  • Manage social media on release days (respond to DMs, interact with readers’ posts about the release, share tagged content to stories)
  • Post promotional content in lead-up to release (cover reveal, 2 teasers, and release day graphics) 
  • Share tagged content to stories and interact with readers’ posts biweekly on non-release weeks to maintain engagement

Team Building & Group Management (management for up to 3 groups – ARC Team, Street Team, Influencers/Content Creators): $100/month, pick 2 $175/month, all three $225/month

  • Creating and maintaining spreadsheets for member tracking and application forms
  • Creating and maintaining Facebook groups for specific readers
  • Sending promotional content (cover reveal, 2 teasers, release day) to applicable team members via email and Facebook groups
  • Engagement posts in reader groups
  • Creating team application forms and opening up teams for new submissions
  • Vetting applicants from form submissions
  • Soliciting new and potential readers from different social media platforms

Backlist Reading: $120/book

  • Pull quotes from books and reviews for promotional content
  • Pull scenes from books to be used for Reels/TikTok videos

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